Hey, this is JPBailey with Hypnotic solo ads.

I want to help you get the most from your money with solos ads. Here are the top 3 questions I get the most & what to look out for.

The first one is:

1. What is the best method of finding a reputable solo ad provider
and not get junk traffic?

You can google solo ads. You can look on the WF under ‘classified ads’. Every now and then, someone puts out a WSO with a list of their top 10 solo ad sellers they’ve already tested.
This alone can save you a small fortune. You can get referrals from word-of-mouth

Now, once you’ve found them how do you find the good ones?

Look at the testimonials, how many, the dates, big names in the industry
(google their names). Trust your gut. Determine if they look and feel real and genuine. Contact the seller before ordering and get a feel for who you’re dealing with. Contact people who wrote testimonials and see how they respond.

2. How do Solo Ads compare in terms of other forms of traffic.

Compared to ppc, fb ads, adwords, media buys, banners and other paid ads, it’s cheaper, easier, more targeted AND it’s all email traffic. Doesn’t require you to learn all that, the targeting work has been already done for you.

What I love about solos the best is that it’s INSTANT traffic. You get results – real opt-ins and paypal notifications hit your inbox the day your solo ad goes out.

3. What is the best way to benefit from a solo ad to build your list and get sales?

Test your squeeze page to make sure it converts, shoot for 30-50%. Have a good oto or back-end offer and an email follow-up series with good offers and good content. Test a small solo first (100-300 clicks) – Never buy a 1,000 clicks before testing the solo ad sellers traffic first!

I am real psychologist and I combine skills like NLP with marketing to promote your ad to my huge list of hungry Money Makeing Opportunity seekers and buyers. High Quality email traffic only. I geo-track all my traffic so you get the Highest Percent English-speaking recipients. You get 10% bonus clicks every time guaranteed. I add Fresh IM Targeted subscribers to my list every day. My ads are Newbie friendly and Guru Tested (see my testimonials on my page). Customer Service is my Priority – I’ll give you Free tips on your funnel.

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